Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The origins of a species

The rock became the soil, and the soil with the suns light became the plant.

I took the plant inside me and washed it down with some rain from the sea.

All these I used to make bone and flesh and hair, They haunt me as feeling,
as poetry of a body in motion,
and the shadows of thoughts that pass through me.

I live from the heat of the sun and the moon calls my insides out with each tide, orbiting my life each month, day, moment.

The electricity that fires from my brain through my movements
wears lightening as the sky storms around me.
I borrow my nature from all things
and all things I know from my own nature.


  1. I agree ,this is beautiful message, and I hope over time more people will feel a stronger connection with the environment. I'm optimistic.