Saturday, August 7, 2010


What if fight or flight weren't the only options?
What if in your struggle to survive, you forgot the beauty of living?
What if survival wasn't the end game?
What if you have to be willing to lose in order to win?


  1. ok, i will give my thoughts on this one:
    theres fight as in yelling at each other and fight as in hurting or killing each other...and theres compromise or talking about it instead and of course theres just running away.
    I guess many people are surviving because they think they have to.The world is hard in that you have to have a certain amount of money to get by and if you dont you can get into a heep of trouble. Personally I have to be creative all the time or i get phsycially ill and i rely on luck and good fortunes along with some hard work. I guess ive been pretty lucky so far.
    A lot of people seem to get caught up in acquiring wealth and power though, and some people join groups that fulfull needs that maybe are a kind of surviving without living, like joining a real conservative group or even a hate group...peolple do it sadly all the time, but they are often not all desperate financially so why they choose hate is perhaps because its easier for them or maybe the have some skeletons in the closet about related issues.... I dont know if that is to jugemental or not maybe it is. The beauty of living seems to come down to a balancing act between they way youd like to live and the society in which you live. For everyone i guess its different. I try to keep a little bias of skepticism about the society i live in, but dont want to be completely isolated.I tend to try to understand different points of view especially if they are different than mine and act friendly even with someone who is the polar opposite of me.But i think we choose real friends or they choose us if we have at least a few things in common.
    I think the end game is thinking about what you think and why and hoping for some motivation to investigate things that you lack basic knowledge about. In the end if you dont go insane, or lose yourself to some cult youve won I guess.

    Yes, i think sometimes you have to lose in order to win.It seems like a natural way to learn things. This isnt really directly related to your last statement but I was just thinking about that last post of pacifism... take a pacifist who gets killed by an angry enemy. He won becuase he stuck to his guns ( hmm..) but is lableled a coward or loser by others. Another pacifist pushes a child out from in front of a bus and is killed. He's labeled a hero and courageous but would also ( because he was the same type of pacifist as the first person) have been labeled a coward if he didnt fight and was killed.
    personally I think im i pacifist in that I would never fight in an "unjust" war imho...(iraq for example) and would have to be pushed hard to fight in any war. I like compromise and cant understand why that isnt the solution more often to these wars and battles over land and religions ( israel/ palestine etc)
    So out of the three fight flight or compromise, I guess I would go generally with compromising if at all possible

  2. I've been thinking on this one for a while because I do believe in this "I'm always losing to win" (Kasabian Underdog song) theory. It is how I function in the world. If someone wants my job and does something underhanded to get it, I am a little perturbed at first, but I don't fight about it I just think they ultimately did me a favor even if I have to be unemployed. This happened this summer. Of course now I was offered a different job that seems like it will work out even better for me and that other person is now envious again. I would give it to her without a fight again if it would release me from this jealousy.

    On survival I have always thought it's the person who dies who wins, but that might be just me. So many are afraid of dying, but why? I don't get that. It's the survivors who end up with all the pain.

    People worry so much about losing a spouse to another lover. I know it's painful, but I think it makes life more interesting. I want to tell them it is not the end... it is a new beginning!

    I could go on and on... but I wanted to say something because it definitely touched me at a level I understand.
    Thank you

  3. Thanks for your insights.

    I don't necessarily see fight or flight as bad options, but if they are the only choices then that would be quite limiting.

    In evolutionary theory I am led to believe that living longer and reproducing more is the aim of the game. But what if we were evolving something more than this body? A soul perhaps or consciousness itself.

  4. i wonder if in the searching for something like this one is any more likely (or less)to find a glimpse of it than the person not looking at all but being open to it .
    Now i dont know if that makes sense but maybe it could be related to "losing to win".
    losing=open to being found
    i do not know but it is an interesting topic

  5. I get what you mean. I used to want to understand things so much, now it amazes me how satisfying it is just to ask the questions without being overly concerned with the answers.

  6. I can understand that. Answer can vary and it's all good.