Friday, April 8, 2011

another planet

Trust in me, he smiles
shaking my own hand
behind my own back
I haven't been gracious
because I didn't know how
But seeing as gravity has me pinned here
I guess i'll admit it's been fun.


  1. Either that guy on the planet is a giant or thats one of the smallest planets in the cosmos :)
    This feels like nice cosmic ride of acceptance and at least some trust along the way. Ive always loved your unique style (displayed well here) and realy enjoyed this one. <3

  2. It only takes a little distance to see how small planet "me" really is.

  3. wouldn't that depend on the size of the observer though? like, glad to meet you, im planet boson and im too small to see.
    :) it's cool how everything is made of smaller things until the string i suppose. i enjoy writing music and art. i think your blog helps by helping me see the beauty of a nicer, more subtle way of communicating a thought, that says more and is just more interestng and intriguing... but its not like im just thinking of it as learnng something, more that i just like to read your poems and also your inclusion of a cosmic perspective sometimes.
    i'll go back into my cave now,please excuse the rambling post, it happens... and i realize this is the second one today...sorry