Monday, April 25, 2011

drunk Dialling

I can still smell your aftershave
and I want to hate you
but I don't
so I just cry
because I want to believe you could love me
but I don't
so why should you?


  1. And maybe it's time to move on?

  2. tomorrow I will move on tonight I need to feel this hurt. :)

  3. because belief has nothing to do with it. i can relate to this because when you love someone it can not matter what they think especially when you dont question it like it has taken you over. wow what a great poem! i hope you feel better soon if youre sad. im having a nice drink myself tonight. that was a great song version & happy easter

  4. Just FYI, in the states, this is Double Post Sunday...

    In forever
    the only question
    ever knows the answer
    beyond feeling and the
    universe to everything

  5. Awesome rivercat, just awesome. Thanks!

  6. hi whatever, for me it's like x
    if there isn't x and x dies it'll be ugly when I realize there wasn't ever an x to die
    if there is an x I doubt it could ever break
    even more than I doubt there is x
    so i guess im saying as bad as it is for you its probably alot worse for me , but theres so much i dont know like if you got back with your x or how you feel about x in the first place. I hope im not getting too crazy here lol :)