Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Master Plan

Can you Forgive God for making me so stupid that I could believe he got this all wrong?


  1. Thank you.
    I can't stop playing this song.

    But when she sings about asking for sympathy I have to change it to forgiveness.

    And when she asks how much will I find I ask how much will I Loose.

  2. it is a cool song. My interpreation:
    The lyrics mix religion and relationship in a way with the questions finding wants needs and wishing the other person well and questioning if everyone is lost. Thats kind of what I get out of a quick read. Personally I can relate to that but wants needs and finding dont really play a huge part for me. I guess Im crazy in that I just keep trying to go with the flow, especially when im down about doing something. I can get consumed a little with who I love, but i am not really about thinking why or into the future except positive thoughts about acceptance. I think the feelings overide everything and there seems to be something even bigger that just is not questioned, and in that I have a kind of peace I hope lol!
    I think your really great too and the poem,and that is what I was commenting on to be totally honest. The song is beautiful as well :)