Monday, April 4, 2011

Don't worry, be happy.

Maybe this end of the world is exactly what we've all been waiting for,
maybe then we can get on to something better.


  1. salvation can be destruction and vice versa and heaven and hell seem intertwined too so Im not concerened about whys and what to dos as much as I am with noticing a change in what love is to me and experiencing it through going through the black holes of understanding and misunderstandings that pop up aaround me.I feel like Id be an even bigger mess anywhee else. <3

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  3. I wonder...
    Perhaps the stage has just been set! The high climax hasn't started, the plot just begun to thicken.
    I think something better necessarily means a state of flux, not always an end.

    This world, this world. This world! I am irrevocably a part of this word, and it I. If it goes, I'm going with.
    Or perhaps we shall both somehow tap our true potential and become heaven on earth! That's what I think I'm waiting for.