Tuesday, April 12, 2011

introspectively out there

I'm sorry I could never really see you past my own face.
The way I feel right now, 
as if it wasn't my heart,
 it was the world that was breaking.

And my own soul feels like you, 
calls out through this mess of me I'm swimming in.
Pulling me deeper under my own skin, 
To this sweet insubstantial place inside of everything.

Photo by Kirsty Mitchell


  1. beautiful. love the last two sentences of the first paragraph in particular.


  2. o, I love this...
    "A Place Inside Of Everything" reminds me of a poem I never wrote but wished I had.
    Togetherness In A Delicate Dream" might be another but not as good. I like making Titles
    and then gooogling them. I also like when I think some words strung together might be interesting then a day later they lose their shine somehow. It's seems like just having fun with your mind in an interesting way and maybe even learning a little about ideas, but then again, it could mean I just have too much free time that day :)