Thursday, April 21, 2011

Everything counts

the taste of loneliness  coats my tongue with wax
and these words roll
like water of a ducks back.

 the space under my fingernails filling with grit again
The stains on the carpet spread
not like her legs, no legs at all,
because  you can't stand to look at me now.

I wait inside for the tears that don't come
counting everything
 I tried, I keep on trying ,
And nothing keeps on changing
And nothing stays the same
but the taste of aloneness thats sweeter than you know.


  1. I thought I knew the taste but being unsure im sure is like dreaming reality and
    is your presence in this way comforting
    I just breathe and feel you near .

  2. The loneliness that will live with us as long as were alive, hopeless.